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The Nigerians standing up to sex-work traffickers in Sicily

In the mountains of Sicily a Nigerian woman is leading a battle to help rescue women like herself from a life of forced sex work. Osas Egbon opened up a shelter for these victims of trafficking on the Italian island in January - the first of its kind created by and for Nigerian women. 

27 Nov 2020

Latest article now available in Turkish and French

Türk takipçilerimize müjde! Et une bonne nouvelle pour notre public francophone! 

The story on Nigerian women standing up to traffickers in Sicily is republished by both BBC News Türkçe and BBC News Afrique. Written by Ismail Einashe. Photography: Kate Stanworth.

Voici maintenant la version française! Nous sommes ravis de voir. 
Ve Türkçe versiyonunu buradan okuyabilirsiniz.

17 Nov 2020


Dreamed of becoming a singer

I'm Destiny and I'm 23 years old, living in Palermo. I left Nigeria when I was 14 years old. One day, I told the trafficker that he wouldn't get my money anymore. That was a hard choice to make.  

14 Nov 2020

At least 150 asylum seekers can be traced back to the COA data breach

After a data breach at the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA), 150 suspected victims of human trafficking and smuggling may have been at risk. This is evident from a response from the COA, which accidentally published nearly 1,200 reports of suspected human trafficking on its site in June.

30 Aug 2020
Nigerian migrant file

Responds in Dutch parliament after our revelations about missing Nigerian refugees

CoMensha published an overview of the answers presented in parliament to the questions raised by Lost in Europe’s revelations about missing nigerian refugees. Read them on their website.

3 Jul 2020

Leak sensitive information of human trafficking victims

Personal details of human trafficking victims were published on the public internet by COA, the governmental refugee organization of the Netherlands. This leak of sensitive information concerning hundreds of vulnerable people may compromise ongoing judiciary proceedings. Article by Lost in Europe's mediapartner NRC Handelsblad.

23 Jun 2020

Data of victims of human trafficking put on the internet

With a serious data breach on its website, the Dutch Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) has put hundreds of victims of human trafficking at risk. Last week, the COA published a document online with reports of human trafficking in and around asylum seekers' centers throughout the Netherlands.

23 Jun 2020
Nigerian migrant file

Democracy Now!

On independent news site Democracy Now!, Lost in Europe’s findings have led to this post.

16 Jun 2020
Nigerian migrant file

VOA reports on our investigative findings

We are delighted that Voice of America - VOA has reported on Lost in Europe's investigative findings about the almost 1,000 Nigerian asylum seekers who went missing from asylum centres in the Netherlands last year. Our investigation was led by Sanne Terlingen

"A group of investigative reporters says almost half of Nigerian asylum seekers arriving in the Netherlands last year disappeared. It is believed that many fell victim to human traffickers who forced them into prostitution or drug trafficking across the European Union.

A European journalism collective says of the 2,461 Nigerians seeking asylum in the Netherlands in 2019, 961 cannot be located. Another 128 Nigerians who arrived in January of this year also disappeared, according to an investigation by the journalist group Lost in Europe. "

11 Jun 2020

Nigerian girls leave asylum seekers' center in hot pants

Between 2018 and 2019 the number of Nigerian asylum seekers in the Netherlands has exploded. What is striking: many of them leave quickly. Where they are now is unknown. In little over a year, the Expertise Center for Human Trafficking and Smuggling (EMM) received '107 signals of human trafficking and smuggling' among Nigerians, ranging from sexual exploitation to forced drug distribution. Police and judiciary are concerned: is there any exploitation of Nigerians in the Netherlands? It looks like it. Asylum seekers' centers are receiving threatening calls to the Nigerians who live there, stories are circulating about voodoo rituals and babies are said to be trafficked.

10 Jun 2020

Nigerian girls: missing but not missed

More than twenty-five years ago, the Netherlands was first confronted with young single asylum seekers who disappeared from reception. Dozens of Nigerian girls disappeared from the shelter of the Valentijn Foundation in Nunspeet. “We found that they had a telephone number, for example on the inside of a bra strap,” says one of the employees at the time. "So they called, and a day later they were gone." Today the same thing is happening all over again.

Listen at VPRO Argos
Language: Dutch
6 Jun 2020
Nigerian migrant file

Our research leads to questions in the House

In the Netherlands, members of the House of Representatives will be demanding answers as to the nearly thousand Nigerian refugees who disappeared from refugee centers, a fact that has come to light based on the Lost in Europe revelations of this week by Sanne Terlingen in Argos, together with newspaper NRC Handelsblad.

6 Jun 2020

House demands clarification about disappearing Nigerian asylum seekers

Dutch parliament members demand clarification about the disappearance of many hundreds of Nigerian asylum seekers from Dutch asylum without a trace. In many cases there are signs of human trafficking. "We should be ashamed. We cannot allow the Netherlands to play a major role in this. It shows that too little police capacity has been released and that international cooperation leaves something to be desired", one Member said.

6 Jun 2020

Hundreds of Nigerians disappeared from Shelters

Almost a thousand Nigerian asylum seekers disappeared without a trace from the Dutch reception centers last year: an explosive increase. There are many signs of human trafficking and even baby trafficking is a serious scenario for the police. Reports indicate that criminal Nigerian organizations have gained more foothold in Europe.

5 Jun 2020
Nigerian migrant file

Comensha pays attention to our work

Comensha, coordination center against human trafficking in The Netherlands, citing Lost in Europe's findings on missing Nigerian refugees: ‘Bijna 1000 Nigeriaanse asielzoekers zijn vorig jaar uit opvang verdwenen. Signalen mensenhandel én babyhandel!'

5 Jun 2020

Short Documentary: 'The Nigerian Trap'

Most female unaccompanied minor refugees who end up in Italy, are victims of human trafficking. Girls and young women in Nigeria come into contact with a Madam who arranges the crossing to Europe from North Africa for them. Livia Benders made a documentary about this phenomenon in Sicily. She spoke to Hope (18) and Praise (19) who are under pressure from their families and human traffickers to do sex work. The young women are protected by Osas (37), who experienced the same in her youth, but found her way out and now helps girls escape from these practices through the organization Women of Benin City.

4 Jun 2020

Dutch authorities issue alert over missing prenant asylum seekers

Dutch authorities issue an alert over the vanishing of at least 25 heavily pregnant African women and girls housed in asylum shelters in the Netherlands. Our investigators reveal that unaccompanied minors, pregnant women and those with newborn babies, continue to disappear on a weekly basis from shelters across the country. Trafficking and illegal adoption are feared.

read in The Guardian
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4 Mar 2020

Dozens of pregnant women disappeared from Shelter

Dozens of pregnant African women have disappeared from asylum seekers' centers in the Netherlands in the last two months of the past year. The women may have been victims of human traffickers and illegal adoption, according to a memo from the Expertise Center for Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling (EMM) in the hands of our journalists at Argos and NRC Handelsblad. Investigative agencies have no idea where the women currently reside.

19 Feb 2020

Pregnant African asylum seekers vanish from Shelter

In recent months, dozens of pregnant women, mostly Nigerians, have disappeared from Dutch asylum shelters. There are serious concerns about the plight of the women and their babies. It is unknown where they go, where they give birth and what happens to the babies. The Expertise Center explicitly states that it is "seriously concerned" about their fate. "It is not inconceivable that both the women and the newborn children are or become victims of human traffickers, illegal adoption or voodoo rituals".

19 Feb 2020