Vietnamese migrant file

For years, Vietnamese migrants have been trafficked into the UK in trucks arriving from Belgium or France. Lost in Europe searches in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium to find out how these children can disappear from the protected shelters.

Nigerian migrant file

Thousands of Nigerian women and girls have been trafficked into Europe. Most are lured from Edo state with the promise of work to Italy. Although this trafficking is not new, the scale of the problem is: numbers have doubled since the migrant crisis in 2015.

On route file

For this investigation we document the route unaccompanied minors travel within Europe, the vulnerabilities they are exposed to, and the hardship they encounter. And by speaking to many minors on the road we investigate why and how they go missing throughout Europe.

No numbers file

Brian Donald, Chief of Staff of Europol, declared that in 2015 "10,000 refugee children in the EU are missing". Meanwhile, the European Migration Network estimates that 30,000 children traveling alone have disappeared between 2014 and 2017. Where to find the exact numbers?

Migrant policy file

Our investigative journalists analyse asylum procedures and migration policies, and research the gaps in the asylum process through which many migrant minors disappear.