Dan Archer is an award-winning journalist who has been working as a graphic journalist for over a decade. He chose the medium of comics reportage for its ability to allow readers to visualise his subjects without them needing to appear on camera, protecting their identities while preserving the power and impact of their stories. He focuses on human rights-related topics in his work, and is accustomed to respecting the sensitivities associated with telling the stories of survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation of minors, domestic violence, mental health, homelessness, incarceration and state-sponsored violence. His work has been supported by the BBC, Vice, Associated Press, the Colombian government, Open Society, European Journalism Centre and he has a Maynard Institute Award for mental health reporting. He was also an Image and Voices of Hope reporting fellow, for which he received trauma reporting training.



Still not totally safe in the UK

When I came out of the truck from Belgium I really didn't know where I was. I wasn't even able to speak the language. So I had to wait for help untill someone from Sudan came by.

15 Oct 2020


Dreamed of becoming a singer

I'm Destiny and I'm 23 years old, living in Palermo. I left Nigeria when I was 14 years old. One day, I told the trafficker that he wouldn't get my money anymore. That was a hard choice to make.  

14 Nov 2020


Must go to England

Hi, my name is Jamal. I am 16 years old. Right now I am staying in Dunkirk in a tent. When ISIS came in Iraq, we all left. My cousin and I are going to the UK.

30 Nov 2020


Runs a hostel for minors in Sicily

The problems for most unaccompanied migrants who stay in my hostel are the long waiting times for ID papers and the fingerprinting. They are not prepared to wait for them.  

1 Nov 2020