Dutch authorities issue alert over missing prenant asylum seekers

Dutch authorities issue an alert over the vanishing of at least 25 heavily pregnant African women and girls housed in asylum shelters in the Netherlands. Our investigators reveal that unaccompanied minors, pregnant women and those with newborn babies, continue to disappear on a weekly basis from shelters across the country. Trafficking and illegal adoption are feared.

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4 Mar 2020

Pregnant African asylum seekers vanish from Shelter

In recent months, dozens of pregnant women, mostly Nigerians, have disappeared from Dutch asylum shelters. There are serious concerns about the plight of the women and their babies. It is unknown where they go, where they give birth and what happens to the babies. The Expertise Center explicitly states that it is "seriously concerned" about their fate. "It is not inconceivable that both the women and the newborn children are or become victims of human traffickers, illegal adoption or voodoo rituals".

19 Feb 2020

"Dutch Police should have intervened on last voyage of Vietnamese Essex victims"

The Vietnamese boys Hieu and Quyen died in the smuggling drama in Essex. During their last trip they were under observation by the Dutch police all the way into Belgium, but they did not intervene. This should have been, say two professors.

23 Jan 2021