Major police raid against Vietnamese smugglers. Action in Berlin

Young Vietnamese, waiting for their onward transport to West Germany, France, Holland or the UK were found during a large raid conducted by a massive police force in numerous properties in the greater Berlin area. It's one of the largest proceedings against human smuggling that has entered its decisive phase. The officers searched 21 "Safe Houses" in which the smugglers house smuggled Vietnamese. There they also secured data carriers and other documents.

3 Mar 2020

Human trafficking made easy: How Vietnamese Children Are Exploited

For years, professional Vietnamese human trafficking networks have been operating almost unmolested in Germany. They bring their compatriots there and exploit them: in nail salons or massage parlors, but increasingly also in forced prostitution or in drug production. In most cases this crime goes undetected. According to official information, there are hardly any Vietnamese victims of human trafficking in Germany. The real dimension of the problem remains hidden from the general public. This is also due to the fact that the Federal Republic has not yet followed up on its international obligations. A reportage from Adrian Bartocha and Jan Wiese.

14 Jan 2021

Documentary screening Uncovered festival

Today, the Uncovered Conference features the Lost in Europe documentary ‘Children as Commodities: The Human Trafficking Mafia’. Are you joining us for the screening?

The documentary tells the story of how it’s possible that Vietnamese children and young people have been disappearing in Germany for years. And it shows the networks of human traffickers that are behind it. The documentary was made by investigative journalists Jan Wiese and Adrian Bartocha. After the screening there is a Q&A where you have the opportunity to submit your questions to Jan Wiese, Adrian Bartocha and Sanne Terlingen

Sign up using this link and be there at 15:45 CEST!

14 Apr 2021

We are nominated for an IJ4EU Impact Award!

We are happy to tell you that Lost in Europe is nominated for an IJ4EU Impact Award! This nomination is for the ungoing investigation for the Vietnamese migrant files. The winners of the awards will be announced tonight at 18:00 CEST. Register for #uncovered to follow the award ceremony live. Only three projects can win, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

14 Apr 2021

Disappeared in Europe

More than 18,000 refugee children and young people disappeared from state care in Europe between 2018 and 2020. This is shown by data from the research association "Lost in Europe". They are in particular danger of being exploited.

18 Apr 2021

24 June: Webinar 'Investigating Human Trafficking'

Join the webinar organised by the at You will receive tips on how to dig into human trafficking, sex exploitation and labour abuse. And you will discuss the best ways to cooperate with civil society groups that offer protection to victims of trafficking and slavery. The webinar will be in English, with Hindi translation available. Sign up on the website

16 Jun 2021

Prix Europa nominates two Lost in Europe stories

We are honored that both the radio story 'The Final Journey of Quyen and Hieu', made by founder Sanne Terlingen, and the tv-documentary 'Handelsware Kind' by Adrian Bartocha and Jan Wiese have been nominated in categories Radio Current Affairs and TV Current Affairs by the Prix Europa. The awards will be presented on 10-15 October, find more info here.

5 Oct 2021