New European Pact on Migration emphasizes the importance of solidarity between Member States

European Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson announced the details of the new European migration pact. The new pact is the answer to the European migration issue surrounding reception at the European external borders and is the successor to Dublin Regulation III. The purpose of the pact is to distribute migrants among more EU countries and to introduce “coercive solidarity”. Dublin Regulation III has received much criticism in recent years. Given the failure of previous negotiations, the question is whether an agreement will be reached quickly.

24 Sep 2020

Migrants from 'safe countries' from now on await sober regime in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands asylum seekers originating from "safe countries" from now on will be assigned a separate, sober reception location. They are separated from the group of asylum seekers from "unsafe countries" on the basis of their nationality. Regardless of their personal flight story. Groups from safe countries that do have a chance of obtaining an asylum permit, such as political activists and LHTBs, are also subjected to the new measure.

21 Oct 2020

Nigerian children deported from the Netherlands on charter flight

Travel restrictions due to Covid-19 do not apply to a group of Nigerian asylum seekers. They were deported from The Netherlands to Nigeria by the Repatriation and Departure Service on December 18. Also on the aircraft were two children aged two and six years old. According to human rights organizations, the children should not have been on board. The deportation took place by a charter flight instead of a passenger plane.

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26 Dec 2020