Roberto Jurkschat lives in Berlin and works as a Journalist with the public media station rbb. Roberto teamed-up with Lost in Europe to cover the German angle of Europe’s missing minors. In previous investigations Roberto focused on the misuse of Interpol, digital espionage, and on trophy hunters in big conservation organizations. His reports recently appeared in German public media ARD and rbb and on BuzzFeed News.


Refugee children disappeared in Berlin - Refugee Council complains about half-hearted search

Two unaccompanied boys who arrived in Berlin from the burned-down Moria refugee camp last spring disappeared from their shelters after a short time. A spokesman for the Berlin police said, the boys from Afghanistan probably moved on to relatives. But the responsible guardians wonder, if the police really tried to find them.

4 Jan 2021

Third refugee boy from Moria in Berlin reported missing

Last spring, eight unaccompanied minors from Camp Moria in Greece came to Berlin - a few months later three of them disappeared from their shelters. The police is searching for information.

30 Jan 2021