Sanne Terlingen is an investigative reporter currently working for Argos, the main investigative radio programme in the Netherlands. She primarily reports on migration, trafficking, child sexual abuse and organized crime. Terlingen has won multiple awards, including the Dick Scherpenzeel Award for “Excellent Reporting on Foreign Affairs” for an investigation into the mysterious death of an Eritrean asylum seeker, and the Mercur Award for her story “Sex, Spies and Soldiers” on the role of U.S. contractors involved in sex trafficking in Djibouti. Terlingen is also an Ochberg Fellow at the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at Columbia University Journalism School.



The #UnmaskTheTruth campaign supports journalists who are committed to unmasking the truth. Free Press Unlimited spoke with Sanne Terlingen, one of the founders of Lost in Europe. You can read the article here.

9 Sep 2020

Confirmed: 'Trade with Vietnamese children across Europe'

“Vietnamese criminal organizations are active all over Europe”. This is what Carsten Moritz, director of the human trafficking department of the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA), the federal criminal investigation department of Germany, says in an interview with the RBB, the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. The groups are involved in human trafficking on a large scale. "But that smuggling serves a purpose: labor exploitation." In many cases this is human trafficking, says the BKA chief. According to him, there are also minors among the victims. Moritz responds to research that the RBB has conducted in recent months together with Argos (VPRO / HUMAN). Tonight on Germany 1 a television documentary about this.

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18 Jan 2021

Nigerian girls: missing but not missed

More than twenty-five years ago, the Netherlands was first confronted with young single asylum seekers who disappeared from reception. Dozens of Nigerian girls disappeared from the shelter of the Valentijn Foundation in Nunspeet. “We found that they had a telephone number, for example on the inside of a bra strap,” says one of the employees at the time. "So they called, and a day later they were gone." Today the same thing is happening all over again.

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6 Jun 2020

Dutch governmnent has known about missing Vietnamese children for years

The Dutch government has known for over five years that Vietnamese children go missing from protected shelters. Signs of human smuggling and trafficking have also been clearly reported to authorities. This is shown by quarterly reports of protected reception centres Jade and Xonar, that Argos and Lost in Europe have obtained.

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9 Mar 2020

Vietnamese children vanished from protected shelters. And our government knew

The Dutch government has known for over five years that Vietnamese children go missing from protected shelters. Signs of human smuggling and trafficking have also been clearly reported to authorities. This is shown by quarterly reports of protected reception centres Jade and Xonar, that Argos and Lost in Europe have obtained.

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11 Mar 2020

Second victim of truck drama Essex also stayed in Dutch shelters

Not one, but two victims of the truck drama in Essex stayed in a sheltered shelter in the Netherlands prior to their death. This has emerged from an identification investigation by the police, the COA (Central Organ for Asylum-seekers intake) confirms to Argos and NRC Handelsblad when asked.

23 Mar 2020

Vietnamese victim of truck drama disappeared from Dutch shelter

One of the 39 Vietnamese found dead in a refrigerated truck in Essex, England, stayed in the Netherlands prior to his crossing. It concerns a minor boy who "with unknown destination" disappeared from the protected shelter. A spokesperson for the COA (Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers) confirms this to our journalists at Argos.

23 Nov 2019

State secretary pretends missing Vietnamese children have gone backpacking

In a letter to the House of Representatives, the State Secretary pretends that Vietnamese minors use protected asylum centers as hostels. Anyone who reads the underlying report sees a failing approach to human smuggling and human trafficking. Dutch Rapporteur Mensenhandel says The Netherlands acts too little with signals of human trafficking.

25 Mar 2020

Indications of human trafficking confirmed

After our journalists revealed last year that 60 Vietnamese children vanished from a protected shelter that should have protected them from being trafficked, the entire House of Representatives demanded an investigation. Argos zooms in on the main findings of the report. How thorough was the research done? What has been discovered? And has that been neatly presented by the State Secretary?

28 Mar 2020

Dozens of Vietnamese children disappeared from protected shelter

At least sixty Vietnamese children disappeared after their arrival in the Netherlands. For the past five years, they had been placed in protected reception centers for unaccompanied minors who are at high risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.

30 Mar 2019

Vietnamese children vanish from Dutch shelters to be trafficked into Britain

The findings of the investigation raise serious questions about the efforts of EU states to prevent the trafficking of vulnerable children, and highlight the failings of the British and Dutch authorities to care for unaccompanied minors properly. There are more Vietnamese children than any other nationality identified or suspected of being trafficked into the UK.

30 Mar 2019

Pregnant African asylum seekers vanish from Shelter

In recent months, dozens of pregnant women, mostly Nigerians, have disappeared from Dutch asylum shelters. There are serious concerns about the plight of the women and their babies. It is unknown where they go, where they give birth and what happens to the babies. The Expertise Center explicitly states that it is "seriously concerned" about their fate. "It is not inconceivable that both the women and the newborn children are or become victims of human traffickers, illegal adoption or voodoo rituals".

19 Feb 2020

Dutch authorities issue alert over missing prenant asylum seekers

Dutch authorities issue an alert over the vanishing of at least 25 heavily pregnant African women and girls housed in asylum shelters in the Netherlands. Our investigators reveal that unaccompanied minors, pregnant women and those with newborn babies, continue to disappear on a weekly basis from shelters across the country. Trafficking and illegal adoption are feared.

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4 Mar 2020

Hundreds of Nigerians disappeared from Shelters

Almost a thousand Nigerian asylum seekers disappeared without a trace from the Dutch reception centers last year: an explosive increase. There are many signs of human trafficking and even baby trafficking is a serious scenario for the police. Reports indicate that criminal Nigerian organizations have gained more foothold in Europe.

5 Jun 2020

House demands clarification about disappearing Nigerian asylum seekers

Dutch parliament members demand clarification about the disappearance of many hundreds of Nigerian asylum seekers from Dutch asylum without a trace. In many cases there are signs of human trafficking. "We should be ashamed. We cannot allow the Netherlands to play a major role in this. It shows that too little police capacity has been released and that international cooperation leaves something to be desired", one Member said.

6 Jun 2020

GroenLinks: 'Aliens Act does not properly regulate the rights of asylum children'

Current immigration laws can have heartbreaking consequences for children, says Bram van Ojik, Dutch Member of Parliament of GroenLinks in Argos. Minors are now treated the same as adults, which is contrary to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which the Netherlands has signed, but which in practice does not comply with asylum children.

18 Jan 2020

'Lost in Europe' in search of thousands of missing migrant children

Thousands of refugee children have gone missing after arriving in Europe. How is that possible? Why does no one know where they are and what happened? And why doesn't anyone know exactly how many there are? Two years ago, Europol named the number of 10,000 missing refugee children. It was an estimate. They fear the children will become victims of criminal networks. Yet nothing has changed since then. In fact, this week, Europol reports that there is still no insight into the number of refugee children who are victims of human traffickers. "But a future increase is expected." How can thousands of children just disappear in Europe? And does this also happen in the Netherlands? The international journalist collective 'Lost in Europe' is looking.

27 Oct 2018

Interview Adrian Bartocha: 'This is serious organized crime'

Interview with investigative journalist Adrian Bartocha on human trafficking with Vietnamese minors in Europe. He and Jan Wiese of the RBB, the Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, saw the Argos investigation into the disappearance of dozens of Vietnamese children in the Netherlands and started their own investigation. They discovered that many more Vietnamese children have disappeared in Germany and that there is organized human trafficking.

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18 Jan 2021