A cross-border journalism project investigating the disappearance of child migrants in Europe.

According to Europol’s chief of staff, Brian Donald, no less than 10,000 migrant children went missing in 2015 in Europe. Every year, missing children are added to that number. With our cross-border journalism collective we found that 18,292 unaccompanied child migrants went missing in Europe between January 2018 and December 2020 – equivalent to nearly 17 children a day.

It is feared that some of them fell in the hands of drug gangs, human traffickers, or were sold into the sex industry. Others may have travelled to family or friends in Europe without reporting it. They have all but disappeared.

The plight of unaccompanied child migrants is one of the most pressing issues in the migrant crisis. The goal of Lost in Europe is to recover the stories of these missing children. It comprises a team of investigative journalists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, Greece and the UK, who are collaborating to find out what has happened to the disappeared children in Europe.