Lost in Europe has been working on a safe platform this year. Thanks to innovative technologies, the platform enables people to safely send our journalists sensitive information. Human trafficking sadly remains an issue throughout Europe and with our previous investigations, we have seen how migrant unaccompanied children also become victims of human trafficking. 

A whistleblower is a person, often an employee of a private or public organization, that helps expose illegal activity or wrongdoing happening within their organization.

Here is an example: 
In the Netherlands dozens of heavily pregnant Nigerian asylum seekers have gone missing from asylum shelters. Social workers in these shelters have serious concerns over the fate of these women. One of them decides to share a secret internal Dutch government memo with Lost in Europe, which helps us to uncover trafficking and illegal adoption.

globaleaks 2

Lost In Europe uses the innovative software GlobaLeaks, which is used by some of the most important news organizations in the world. With GlobaLeaks, it is possible to guarantee the highest level of anonymity. 

Do you have information that is vulnerable for you or anyone else, or if you know something and you wish the information to be anonymous, please use our safe platform to give us your tip. 
Tips tremendously help our investigations, however, we know that people might not feel safe reaching out through more conventional forms of communication. Therefore we have worked on this platform with the hopes that it enables more people to reach out safely to us when they feel they have important information. 

Your tip could be the missing piece. Blow the whistle via this link.


Emma van den Hof
Emma van den Hof
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