Yesterday we shared four stories with you about Deborah, Quianlei, Emilia and Farhan. They all have a different story about becoming 18. Otherwise: an adult who needs to arrange all different kinds of things themselves. Even though they don’t know the rules in the Netherlands well enough. 

To gather more stories about minors who are turning 18, or who already turned 18, we set out multiple questionnaires.

To enrich our idea of what young people's lives, aspirations and struggles are about as they turn 18 Lost in Europe created these surveys. We ask young migrants, under and over 18 years old and social workers working with these young people to fill it in. Your help will give us a better picture behind the scenes in the asylum facilities, what goes right or wrong.

In the year before the 2024 European elections, we want to let them tell their own stories in a new, rich and compelling environment. Therefore we are creating a digital narrative with audio and visual material. 

You can fill in this survey anonymously, but you can also leave your E-mail address at the end. Then we can contact you at a later time. 

Thanks so much in advance for filling in our questionnaire and helping on this project!

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