As a basis for our latest data bootcamp, data journalist Adriana Homolova requested all available information since October 2020 on the disappearances of UAMs in 30 European countries. Subsequently, a team of 20 experts, scientists and NGO employees, led by Lost in Europe, analysed this data over two days. Because of the corona pandemic, this was done in a zoom session.

The data that was eventually collected and analysed led to the shocking conclusion that thousands of unaccompanied migrant children are missing in Europe. This raises the question to what extent the EU is actually able or willing to protect UAMs.

In most European countries, especially in Western European countries such as the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, where there is a relatively high level of knowledge and skill in registration, the registrations contain many reservations and problems. Lost in Europe came across 99 of them. Graphic designer Ruiter Janssen mapped them out in the enclosed visualisation.

Adriana Homolov√°
Adriana Homolov√°
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