For the 16th day of the Advent Calendar we share a  three-parted series made by Sylvana van den Braak and Noémi Prent who went to Sicily with the Lost in Europe Summer School. They wrote the stories for the Dutch feminist magazine OPZIJ. Sylvana and Noémi wanted to shine a light on the volunteers in Palermo who are trying to do what they can to help migrant woman and children. Curious what these stories are about? Read more down below. 

This first story is about the Nigerian Osas Egbon (1982) in Palermo. She has been living on the island for around nineteen years and is the director of Women of Benin City. This organization supports women who are victim of human trafficking. Egbon is expert by experience and got herself out of her situation, two decades ago. Now, she is determined to help women who went through the same. Read Part 1 of The Angels of Palermo here.

The second story is about the Italian Maria Chiara Monti (1976) is psychotherapist and ethnopsychologist. She is also the director of Centro Penc, a shelter for (migrant)women and their children who have been victim of sexual assault or human trafficking. Read Part 2 of The Angels of Palermo here

The third and last story of this series is about the Bangladeshi Masuma Akther (1981). She moved with her husband to Palermo to give her children a better life. Now, she volunteers at Centro Penc, and gives computer science classes. “I want to learn the women computer skills, but also to empower the inner strength of themselves.” Read Part 3 of The Angels of Palermo here

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